Time flies…

It has been a large chunk of a year since my last update in March. Life has been pretty busy and hectic, with little time to relax with my family.

I am 3 weeks into my new teaching gig as Assistant Professor of Game Art and Animation at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. I am having a blast and love this new role, the program, the location and the students. This will be a great place to plant roots with my family and excercise my artistic athleticism.

Yes, I am also working on personal projects – indie games and comic books in addition to taking freelance work. You’ll see more of my work posted here as the year progresses and I settle in to my new home.

Ping me at bentllama@bentllama.com if you would like to talk about freelance opportunities.

Game Developers Conference | Animation Bootcamp

Game Developers Conference | Session Scheduler: Animation Bootcamp.

I am off to San Francisco in a bit to support the GDC Animation Bootcamp! It should be a great event.

For the duration of the week I will be attending talks, networking and talking recruitment and contracts. It should be a busy but fun trip!

Ping me at bentllama@bentllama.com if you would like to meet up to talk shop in person at GDC.


bentllama.com is live!

I finally got several moments to update my website. I totally restructured it to a WordPress blog/folio format.

Bear with me as I repopulate it with samples of my artwork. While I work out the kinks, please take the time to check out my animation links.